History of the Musical Keyboard Organ

The musical organ keyboard is one of the very earliest keyboard instruments, like the pipe organ and the harpsichord. It surfaced in the third century B.C, then known as the hydraulis. However, it looked very different from the modern keyboard, as hand-operated levers or buttons were used here. The keyboard used in today’s organ can [...]

What is the Definition of the Organ Musical Instrument?

There are many great instruments out there. They all make unique noises and music. The instrument you choose to play can depend a lot on your personality. Make sure you pick the right one to suit your needs. There are too many instruments out there to pick one you will not enjoy. One great instrument [...]

How the Pipe Organ Came to Be in Cathedrals

The Pipe organ and its use in cathedrals is a fascinating story, offering a glimpse into the history of the church and the cultural world that surrounded it at the time. While these instruments are rarely found in other venues, they remained quite popular as an installation when used in cathedrals for many generations. The [...]

The Background on the Pipe Organ

As one of the oldest instruments in the world, a pipe organ produces sound by blowing pressurized air through a group of pipes controlled by keyboards. Pipe organs can be either wood or metal and are most commonly found in places of worship, private homes, and theaters. There are four basic parts to every pipe [...]

Why the Organ Keyboard Looks the Way it Does

The history and origin relating to the construction of musical instruments can be a fascinating subject to explore. The skills, craftsmanship and design needed to create the best musical instrument possible are always being improved upon, with each new generation of design improving over the last. When it comes to the organ keyboard and its [...]