The Pipe organ and its use in cathedrals is a fascinating story, offering a glimpse into the history of the church and the cultural world that surrounded it at the time. While these instruments are rarely found in other venues, they remained quite popular as an installation when used in cathedrals for many generations. The legacy left over from this trend can still be seen today, as many of the cathedrals that made use of a pipe organ still do, superior construction and maintenance of these instruments finds plenty of them that are still in use today.

Learning more about these instruments and how they came to be used so widely in churches and cathedrals can be very rewarding, offering you a better understanding of the history surrounding this subject. Making a trip to see one and hear it with your own ears can be a very enjoyable experience in its own right, offering you the chance to experience for yourself the impact they can make on a congregation or other gathering. The rich history and ritual surrounding the pipe organ and its use in cathedrals is a fascinating bit of history, one that can be more fully explored by anyone who has an interest in this subject.

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