The musical organ keyboard is one of the very earliest keyboard instruments, like the pipe organ and the harpsichord. It surfaced in the third century B.C, then known as the hydraulis. However, it looked very different from the modern keyboard, as hand-operated levers or buttons were used here.
The keyboard used in today’s organ can be traced back to the clavichord, widely popular in the 14th century. This instrument had keys, linked to the various strings. The keyboard organ, however, really didn’t come into its own, until much later, early in the twentieth century. The first electromechanical instruments came out then, like the Ondes Martenot.
Finally, the 1940′s saw the first electric organs on the market, and by the 60′s and 70′s, the electronic organ was top of the market. In the 70′s, musical keyboard organs started coming out, which included drums. Just a little later, entire orchestrations were included on the keyboard, allowing all this music, with just a touch of a finger. Eventually, organs evolved, from analog technology to digital. Then the instruments were at a point where they could sound like any other instrument. During the 80′s, when the keyboard industry became miniaturized, portable organ keyboards arrived.

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